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Windows and Doors

Window and Door Conversions and Replacement

We specialise in the replacement and the conversion of tired old timber and aluminium windows and doors with new stylish, modern and low-maintenance sliding aluminium BST™ Sliding Windows and Mk5C Sliding Doors from Australian manufacturer Capral Aluminium.

Our range is ideal for ‘supply only’ situations where non-standard sizes are required.

Converting or replacing your old windows is a fantastic way to add value and function to your home – it truly is a great investment.

Windows Before
Windows After

BST™ Sliding Aluminium Windows

BST™ Sliding Windows offer a high level of weather performance and smart styling.
Standard or lockable sash hardware can be selected as can multi-position vent locking options to secure the window in the open position if required. Full perimeter sash seals, high quality rollers and a wide range of configuration options make the BST™ Sliding Window a popular choice, capable of blending with a range of architectural styles.Complementary awning and casement windows are also available to provide solutions to your various requirements.

  • Thermally efficient frame design
  • Range of performance options
  • High quality roller system
  • Lockable hardware options
  • Integrated insect and security screening option

Mk5C Sliding Aluiminium Doors

aluminium sliding doors image 1
The Mk5C is an accomplished and stylish residential sliding door solution.
Designed with quality and functionality in mind, the Mk5C features curved interlocks and high quality roller hardware to be one of the smoothest operating sliding doors on the market.
Capable of 2, 3, 4 and 6 panel multi-stack configurations, the Mk5C suite can cater for a wide range of residential applications. Its sturdy 89mm aluminium frame also accommodates integrated insect and security screening options.For enhanced thermal performance, optional glazing adaptors can be used to incorporate double glazing. A full range of top light and side light configurations further expand design possibilities.

  • Proven residential door sliding door system
  • Single and double glazing options
  • Standard and multi-stack configurations of up to 6 panels
  • Attractive rounded door interlock designs, high quality rollers
  • Integrated insect and security screening options
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Awning, Double Hung and Commercial Fixed Lite Windows

In addition to Sliding Windows we can also supply Awning, Double Hung and Commercial Fixed Lite Windows.

Stacking Patio Doors

For your alfresco area we can also supply the popular Stacking Door configuration.

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We supply and install in all Perth Metropolitian Suburbs