INVISI-GARD™ Security Doors and Security Screens

Incredible INVISI-GARD™ makes it possible to protect your home and family without destroying the look of your home and its views.

Invisi gard

INVISI-GARD™ also comes with a 15 Year Limited Warranty plus a Whitco Warranty or Lockwood Warranty on the locks. INVISI-GARD™ Security Doors and Security Screens use a patented Pressure Retention and Isolation system to lock in the mesh to the frame.

The INVISI-GARD™ system defies the most determined attack from intruders – and corrosion through dissimilar metal contact (a problem with other well known systems).

invisigard pressure retent

INVISI-GARD™ is tested and approved in accordance with Australian Standards to deliver total confidence in security:

PASS – Stainless Steel Mesh Knife Shear Test – AS5041
PASS – Dynamic Impact Test – AS5041
PASS – Lock and Hinge Lever Test – AS5051
PASS – Cyclone Rated – AS1170.2
PASS – Fire Attenuation – AS1530.4
PASS – Swimming Pool Safety – AS1829.1 – 1993

An extensive range of standard frame colours are available. Non-standard colours, such as the Colorbond range, can be provided at a small surcharge.

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